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7 Tire Garden Ideas You Must Look At

If you are looking for some new ideas you can try this garden idea. This concept is easy to do.
You can use old tires

1 Tire swings

You can hang your tire on the tree so it can easily swing in open space in an open spot. It will look good and also children will love this just paint your tires with bright colors so it adds a new element in your outdoor furniture. Take a proper step while hanging you can tie it with rope or you can use chain you prevent any type of damage.

2. Tire furniture

You can make your furniture using old tires. You can use your creativity to refurbish your garden area. Nowadays there are a lot to tutorials on YouTube that can teach you how you can make, tire stool, chair, and other garden furniture items by using the garden.

3. Make a Compost bin or Wormery

You can use your imagination and also you can create a compost bin by using tires that will easily help you to put your compost and decomposing it. Keep that in mind place the bin under shelter or where the temperature didn’t exceed from 90F.

4. Vertical Tire Planter

You can use tires and make a vertical tires plants this will add your outdoor furniture a unique idea and easy use of recycling an old tire. It is easy to do well and you can grow plants like petunias and more.

5 . Tire pond

Pond in a good addition a completely new look it is a favorite sport for kids and it is an essential part of garden design. For that, you can use a long tire to make it and the paint using best non-toxic spray paint. You can also swim fishes in it and grow aquatic plants like lilies.

6.  Tire planters

Making tires plants is also an option to recuse tires. Make sure you never grow edible plants because of tires heat up very quickly in a hot climate and if you are living in the colder reason then this will be a good particle for you as play the role of insulating and it help plants grow.

7. Raised bed tire garden

Raised bed tires garden will help the plant to grow in order. You can also grow vegetables in tires but keep that thing in mind that use big tires and ensure that they do not heat much.



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