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How to clean and restore garden furniture

Your garden furniture might be looking a bit shabby but didn’t give up on it. It can take just one day to transform your outdoor furniture into luxury. To maintain it’s simple to do this means you need to splash out on anything new and save a lot of money.  Today I will guide you on how to clean your garden furniture without causing any damage.  We have some great tips on how to restore garden furniture. Either it is a rusty iron table or weathered teak chairs.

How to clean and restore the wooden garden furniture

This can be left in garden all year round as it will also survive the l-weather condition. To clean it after a winter just you have to remove all the excess dirt, dust and cobwebs that built up with a stiff bristle brush. If you furniture is very old then to restore it back to its color you need to use capriole’s garden furniture restorer. Apply on the wood that is fading and leave it for 15 mints and after that wash off it will automatically come back to its original color.

If you didn't apply the restorer, your next work is to clean the furniture with soapy water. You have to clean it carefully to avoid weathered areas. To have to take proper steps to protect your wood in every season. Applying teak oil on hardwood furniture from the elements and keep it looking new. You have to apply the oil and start rubbing it gently and make sure it applies it on the proper way.

How to clean plastic garden furniture

Plastic is best to store in outbuilding or shade and it is also a material that is weatherproof. You can also apply cover on them to protect it further from sunshine so that it can’t blench the color. When you want to use your furniture wash it down with hot water or apply soap to get rid of the dirt you can use sponge either than anything abrasive to avoid scratch or mark and add a protective layer of clear car wax.

How to clean iron garden furniture

Iron chairs can live outside all year round but are also prone to rust. You can prevent them from rusting my Appling paint on the iron garden furniture.

Things to do before Appling of paints

Before Appling of paints rub off any rust with wire wool. Brush off loose dirt that will pit the surface. Scrub everything down with soapy water. Use enamel paints on rust sports so it will prevent your iron garden furniture from rust. Apply a protective coat of wax ounces a year.

Aluminum garden furniture

Aluminum garden furniture oxidize over time. Buying cover for aluminum furniture is the best way to protect furniture. Outdoorfurnitureindia sells a wide range of outdoor furniture they also provide you a cove that will protect your furniture from harmful UV rays.
You can also clean it with soapy water and rinse off with a hose. You can also protect the surface with a little clear car wax.

Steps to clean weather weaves

You can remove cushion cover as autumn sets.  Dust with dry Bruch and clean your furniture with a cloth. Rinse each piece well using either a hose or a pressure washer at a lower setting.  

Fabric seats and cushions

You can clean fabric seats by cleaning them with shampoo. Choose a sunny day so you have a chance to dry out the cushions on a sunny day. If you didn’t have much time you can use a vacuum cleaner to spruce it up in an instant.  


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